Thursday, September 1, 2011

SOBSS Day One Results

This challenge was actually eas­ier than I thought it would be. My closet is the ONE place that I keep under con­trol. Since I work from home, my wardrobe is small and I tend to wear the same (usu­ally holey) things over and again. I THOUGHT that this would be dif­fi­cult because I already have a “weaned down” closet. However, this actu­ally just made the job go faster. I was able to put 21 pieces (I DID go into my draw­ers too) EASILY in less than 5 min­utes and spent another 5 pulling another 9 items out. I know that the chal­lenge was for 27 but in order to get the last few I had to come to terms with a few pieces that were all in the “very expen­sive, almost my size” cat­e­gory. It was easier to just get rid of them all than to agonize over it.

Once everything was cleaned out, I separated it all into 3 piles:

The challenge was not just to pull items but to also GET RID OF THEM. She suggested donating but I am guessing that any type of removal with suffice. 5 of these pieces (on the left) are going to my sewing room . I have projects in mind for ALL of them (2 of which I have already cut projects out of - YAY!!) that I will be showing over on my Neurotic Needles blog. 8 pieces are going to my daughter (already boxed and ready for the post office). As with most of my clothes, they were hand-me-downs from a friend with much better taste than I have. She is a bit younger than I am though and these pieces in particular looked it. I DID wear them but I think that it is time to hand them to someone who is more age appropriate. I will be bringing the rest (minus the pretty cat that will remain long after my clothing falls to shreds) to a resale place on Friday (they only have set days that they buy so I couldn't do it the same day). Whatever doesn't sell will be donated.

Since this challenge was what will probably be the easiest one for me, I am off to spend an hour or so doing to straightening in my sewing room. I am SURE that this room will be addressed at some point this month and as it stands now, no cleaning project could take place without a backhoe and a shovel.

'Sick of being stuck September' Challenge

I started a challenger today led by Christy Diane Farr from Weeds and Seeds Coaching. The idea behind that most of us are in some way "stuck" by our clutter. Clutter affect SO MANY THINGS in our psyche! I know, in particular for me, it is VERY DIFFICULT to create when I know there is a mess that needs to be dealt with. For me, it is much like having my daughter caller over and over again "Mom", "Mom", "Moooommmmyyyyy" from the other room. I can't concentrate on the job at hand and the mess wins out EVERY TIME. This, unfortunately, is not conducive to making any money at my home-based business.

In comes the "SOBSS" challenge.

Monday thru Saturday Christy will send an email out with a daily challenge. Today's had a place where you can comment of how it went (or didn't). On Saturdays she will have an open Q & A via a phone meeting. She said throughout the challenge that she would offer a few prizes but for me, the BIG prize is the ability to focus on what I really love - my work!! The secondary prize is having a clutter-free home - and who doesn't want that??!
Today's challenge was to go into your closet and find 27 things that no longer serve you and to donate them TODAY.

Now, working from home, since literally NO ONE sees me, it is very easy for me to part with clothing. THIS is what I am starting with:
I am not sure how I will find 27 things to get rid of (can I count hangers??) since I don't really have THAT MUCH in there. This really isn't where MY clutter is but I am in for the duration and will use this as a good "beginner project" to break me in since that other projects will DEFINITELY NOT be this easy. I'll let you know how I did tomorrow.

Meanwhile, go check the challenge out at: