Thursday, September 1, 2011

SOBSS Day One Results

This challenge was actually eas­ier than I thought it would be. My closet is the ONE place that I keep under con­trol. Since I work from home, my wardrobe is small and I tend to wear the same (usu­ally holey) things over and again. I THOUGHT that this would be dif­fi­cult because I already have a “weaned down” closet. However, this actu­ally just made the job go faster. I was able to put 21 pieces (I DID go into my draw­ers too) EASILY in less than 5 min­utes and spent another 5 pulling another 9 items out. I know that the chal­lenge was for 27 but in order to get the last few I had to come to terms with a few pieces that were all in the “very expen­sive, almost my size” cat­e­gory. It was easier to just get rid of them all than to agonize over it.

Once everything was cleaned out, I separated it all into 3 piles:

The challenge was not just to pull items but to also GET RID OF THEM. She suggested donating but I am guessing that any type of removal with suffice. 5 of these pieces (on the left) are going to my sewing room . I have projects in mind for ALL of them (2 of which I have already cut projects out of - YAY!!) that I will be showing over on my Neurotic Needles blog. 8 pieces are going to my daughter (already boxed and ready for the post office). As with most of my clothes, they were hand-me-downs from a friend with much better taste than I have. She is a bit younger than I am though and these pieces in particular looked it. I DID wear them but I think that it is time to hand them to someone who is more age appropriate. I will be bringing the rest (minus the pretty cat that will remain long after my clothing falls to shreds) to a resale place on Friday (they only have set days that they buy so I couldn't do it the same day). Whatever doesn't sell will be donated.

Since this challenge was what will probably be the easiest one for me, I am off to spend an hour or so doing to straightening in my sewing room. I am SURE that this room will be addressed at some point this month and as it stands now, no cleaning project could take place without a backhoe and a shovel.

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