Friday, December 30, 2011

Cool Vegan Graphic

Well, V-day is coming and my co-habitant is trying to get as much meat in as possible before I cut him off.  Let me be specific, HE can eat anything he wants but I am not going to be cooking it.  However, since I do the majority of cooking here, that means chances are he'll be eating fairly vegan at home too.  I HAVE stocked up on some sausages that he likes (pre-cooked, full of preservatives, just like he likes) so that he (or more likely I) can just cut it up and throw it into his portions at the end.

Over the past few months my diet has become more and more meat and dairy free.  He has shared in many of these meals and has liked almost everything I have made.  He has added his season salt to all of it but when you are used to eating packaged food, you tend to like things a bit more salty.  Personally, I am a salt addict but I know that is a habit that will catch up with me.  As I have taken all of the processed and fast foods out of my diet, I am finding how much more I actually taste.  I have been backing off on the salt and trying to add more spices.  But, again, it you are eating out and out of packages for all of your meals but one, I can understand why he is salting.  I believe MY reasons for craving salt are hormones and chronic dehydration (I NEVER drink enough water!).  If it is hormones, I will indulge (typically with a large McDonald's fries :( !!) If it isn't, I have found though that more often than not, drinking a full glass of water shuts the craving down immediately.

Earlier today I received this cool graphic in one of the daily newsletters I read and I thought I would share.  I found it very interesting that 48% of vegans make under 30K annually yet non-vegans tend to claim that eating that way is too expensive.  I believe MY biggest challenge is going to be having to make SO MUCH from scratch.  Well, that and fighting the urge to order Chinese food every night while watching Big Bang Theory!  DAMN THEM!

~Reduce, ReUse, Recycle and Rejoice!

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