Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What a neglected blog! Let's start new!

I started this blog in May of '09! I have done just about nothing with it! I have been off and on with my Neurotic Needles page mostly because a. I forget to take pictures and b. so much of what I want to share is NOT sewing related and I really want to keep it subject specific. My NN readers already have to sit thru the constant bombardment of "cute cat" photos, I don't want to bore them with more that they are not really interested in. As an avid blog reader, I understand the frustration of enjoying a blog and then the content changes and I am no longer interested.

SO, all that said, I am going to allocate THIS blog to ALL the other stuff that I want to share. Although there may be a few subjects that overlap, most of what I do and want to share is concerning living a cleaner and less obtrusive life. I feel I have a lot to share on this and sincerely HOPE that as my reader base expands, that it will be a source of learning as well.

In an effort to explain my position to those that don't know me already, here is a bit about me and what I will be sharing and why......

I am a 40-something that has been living in San Diego since Jan. '95. I came here for 6 months to watch a friend's house and dog while he went of to sea with the US Navy and never went "home". I say it like that because I have never really called anywhere I have resided "home". I stayed here in San Diego because for the first time in my life I felt like I was home and since then I have made it such.

You will find that the ONE complaint I have about it here is the weather - or lack thereof. I HATE that there is no foliage change (or deciduous trees). My complaints usually start in July and last thru December - my apologies in advance. Since it has finally started getting cold here and snowing in Julian (the closest high altitude to me and only about 45 min. away), you will be spared the whining for a few months. Hopefully I can catch your attention and beholden myself to you before that starts up again.

Because of the weather, I do not go outside as often as I really should - or to be honest as often as I would like. I am hoping that having my readers to "answer to" will make me venture out more often. I will say that the "winter" months DO find me outside more often since I am so sensitive to the heat. You can ALWAYS put on more clothing on, there is a limit to how much you can take off without getting arrested.

Another reason I don't go outside often is that since I work from home and my friends are few and scattered I tend to have to do things alone or travel across county (which can be up to an hour - San Diego is BIG) and I am uncomfortable doing this. I love hiking and San Diego has more acres allotted to parks and recreation than any other county in the continental US. HOWEVER, I don't go outside a cell area without a buddy. If I fall and break an ankle or get a little too acquainted with a rattle snake, safety dictates having a buddy to go for help.

As I said, I work from home. I am a fiber artist. I am the owner of Neurotic Needles, at this time I have an online store and I do production work for Urban Sunday and M.O.M. My true love and passion is knitting and while you will see a bit of that in my Etsy store, I don't do as much as I would like. I have found that sewing is more profitable and my pocketbook dictates that that is where my endeavors should take me for now if I am to continue this as a career.

I have been fortunate to have doing this for the past year as my sole profession. For years I have been frustrated by working jobs that brought no joy (for me or my co-workers) and were so against my beliefs. I believe that we should be striving to have less of an impact on the environment and that we should be creating as little waste as possible. I am finding it harder and harder to keep a closed lip to the constant disregard to the world around us. It was high time to put an end to my involvement with that and those that endorse it. I feel blessed EVERY DAY that I can work from home and not be involved in that anymore.

This blog, started so long ago, was intended as a outlet for my frustration but now I hope that it provides motivation and ideas to move toward a more environmentally cooperative life. I aspire to provide creative ways to reduce waste and reduce consumption while enriching life. This is my goal for myself and my wish for my readers. I pray that together we help each other down that road. I ask only an open mind and an honest constructive opinion. (If I get hateful, unproductive comments, they will not be published. There is a difference between disagreeing and being ugly, please know the difference.)

~Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rejoice!

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